The WildEats Collection of Dry Rubs and Seasonings

Dry “RUBS” are used to enhance the natural flavors of meat and fish. They are especially beneficial when used on meat that will be cooked via a dry cooking method, (grilling, sautéing, roasting, broiling, pan roasting etc.)

A DRY Rub allows the meat to be cooked with the intended DRY cooking method. The results enhance the natural flavors of the meat and fish, not cover up or dilute them.

When you marinate a piece of meat in a liquid the meat absorbs a portion of that liquid, subsequently when you cook your meat some of that meat is being cooked with the STEAM generated from the absorbed liquid.

Liquid marinades dilute the natural flavors of meat and fish.

To Use a Dry RUB- simply rub your meat with a little olive oil, rub on a good amount of Dry Rub. Allow the meat to sit for a couple of hours or overnight (fish requires less time due to their porous nature). Season with salt to taste and cook as you normally would.

Great for BBQ’s, pan roasting, oven roasting or sautéing or added to sauces, rice, pasta etc.

Here are additional uses for Dry Rubs…

San Francisco Seafood Rub

1. Fish rub
2. Batter mix/flour enhancer
3. Soup enhancer
4. Fish cake seasoning (crab, shrimp, scallops, lobster)
5. Gumbo seasoning
6. Cajun style sausage seasoning
7. Jerky seasoning
8. Court bouillon seasoning
9. Spiced nuts seasoning
10. Popcorn season
11. Butter flavoring (oysters, mussels, clams)
12. Wet Brine seasoning (see recipes below)
13. Dry cured for smoking (needs salt & sugar added)

Controlled Burn Chili Blend and Southwest Seasoning

1. Chili seasoning
2. Chili bean seasoning
3. Southwestern meat rub (pork, chicken, beef, lamb, venison, elk, buffalo etc)
4. Tex-Mex rice seasoning
5. Southwestern broth season for poaching
6. Chorizo sausage seasoning
7. Vegetable salsa seasoning
8. Spiced nuts seasoning
9. SW style BBQ sauce seasoning
10. Taco meat seasoning
11. Southwestern burger seasoning
12. Jerky seasoning (needs salt & sugar added)
13. Compound butter season
14. Brine seasoning Southwestern style (turkey, chicken, pork, upland birds, boar)

Juniperberry & Peppercorn Steak Rub (Big Game, Beef/Lamb)

1. Full flavored red meat rub (steaks, roasts, chops)
2. Burger Enhancement
3. Sausage seasoning (elk, venison, wild turkey, pheasant, boar, buffalo etc)
4. Marinade enhancer for stews and braised dishes
5. Seasoning for braised cabbage
6. Sauce flavoring ( demi glace, gastrique reductions, compound butter, add to mustard)
7. Dry cured for smoking (needs salt & sugar added)
8. Jerky seasoning (needs salt & sugar added)
9. Bloody Mary additive
10. Upland Bird Brine ingredient (see previous brine recipe)
11. Poultry Stuffing flavoring

Ginger Citrus & Pepper Rub (Duck/Goose Rub, Stir Fry)

1. Waterfowl and poultry rub
2. Fish rub
3. Asian style Rice seasoning
4. Court bouillon seasoning
5. Brine seasoning (white fleshed meats and birds)
6. Spiced/Candied nuts seasoning
7. Stir fry seasoning
8. Sausage seasoning
9. Cure for smoking (needs salt and sugar)
10. Seasoning for tempura batter
11. Caribbean Fritter seasoning

Lemon, Garlic & Sage Rub with Fennel (upland bird/poultry)

1. Rub for poultry, pork, fish, upland birds
2. Brine seasoning (see brine recipe)
3. Stuffing seasoning
4. Flavor enhancer for pasta
5. Flavoring for tomato sauce
6. Compound butter season for seafood
7. Sausage seasoning
8. Risotto seasoning
9. Cure for smoking (needs salt and sugar)
10. Sauce enhancer
11. Meatball seasoning
12. Garlic Bread seasoning

WildEats BURGER Dust (Burgers, Chicken, Pork, Veggies)

1. Dry Rub For Burgers, Chicken, Pork, Game or Lamb
2. Seasoning For Meatloaf And Any Blended Ground Meat Dish (meatballs, stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, Salisbury Steak)
3. Brine Enhancer
4. Sausage Seasoning
5. Jerky Seasoning
6. Seasoning for Dry or Wet Cures for Smoking
7. Seasoning for Grilled Vegetables & Tofu
8. Seasoning for Sauces
9. Add to Home Fries or when steaming rice
10. dusted over garlic bread